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30 Films, 30 Filmmakers, Under 30 Years Old

30 Under 30 Film Festival. Young storytellers united. Agents of Change. Using film to inspire social change & connecting creatives for the future; we're a resource. Millennials changing the world with positive impact. #Filmsforchange #awarenessthrufilm #2030 #globalgoals

Alcee H. Walker

DirectorPhoto_AlceeHWalker .JPG


Child Support

Director - Drama - 18mins 54sec - Screening part of Cinema Saturday: Sat, Dec 2nd 3:25pm at Megu.

Bio: Alcee H. Walker is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts in New York, NY where he earned an MFA degree in Social Documentary followed by an MPS Degree in Directing. His film work has been shown at many venues across the country including the Directors Guild of America where he won his first film award for his documentary film, Pain of Love. Just a year later Walker again won the 2015 Jury Award also from the DGA for his film, Inferno. He continues to direct all of his future film work towards motivating the younger generation, especially African American and Hispanic youth.

Website:  www.alceehwalker.com

Andrés Farías


Director - Drama - 15mins 45sec - Screening part of Cinema Saturday: Saturday, Dec. 2nd 3:45 pm at Megu. 

Anne Hu

VW_Anne Hu_0031NEW_Print_preview.jpg



Director, Editor, Writer, Actress - Comedy - 9min 22sec - Screening part of Cinema Saturday: Sat, Dec. 2nd at 1:05pm at Megu.

Bio: Anne Hu is an award winning director, writer, editor, and actress who is currently a Senior Producer/Editor at HBO.  She has edited theatrical film trailers and television commercials for The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Vice Principals, The Young Pope, Game of Thrones, and more.  Through writing provocative and complex stories about women and people of color, she hopes to change the way the Hollywood views and portrays marginalized people.

Website:  www.annehu.com

April Kelley & Sara Huxley

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Annie Waits

Producers - Comedy - 08min 56sec - Screening part of Closing Night: Sunday, Dec. 3rd 12:48pm at Megu

Bio: Mini Productions is a multi-award winning production company based in London. The company was founded in 2012 by April Kelley with a mission to nurture creative talent and bring stories to life on screen. In 2014 Sara joined the company and together they became co-owners, expanding into production for theatre and branded content. They are now
working on a slate of features and TV.

Website: http://miniproductions.co.uk/portfolio/annie-waits/

Darren Parker


Director - Drama - 24min - Screening part of Cinema Saturday: Sat, Dec. 2nd - 4pm at Megu.

David Wayne Smith 



The Final Border

Director - Action - Screening part of Closing Night: Sunday, Dec. 3rd - 1:05pm at Megu.

Bio: Hey there! I’m David Wayne Smith. I’m an American born South African storyteller. I love stories that boast scale but are personal, spectacle yet intimate, and at the core of it all, has HEART. Living in multiple parts of the world has given me a perspective on what makes moments authentic, individual, and unique but also how these things unite us all. I look forward to collaborating with more and more storytellers across the world.

Davide Gentile



Food for Thought

Director - Thriller - 12min 20sec - Screening part of Closing Night: Sunday, Dec. 3rd - 7:50pm at Landmark 57 West Theater.

Ethan Storm



The Fall

Director - Drama - 11mins 53sec - Screening part of Cinema Saturday: Sat, Dec. 2nd - 12:55pm at Megu.

Bio:  I was born in Cape Town, South Africa in 1994. For the past few years, I have been
working tirelessly away at my craft, allowing my understanding of film as both a means of
expression as well as a technical craft to grow. That being said, my journey as a director has
only just begun and my journey to be the best artist I can be will never end. To me, that’s the
most beautiful thing about it.

Gabriella Moses


Director - Drama - 12min 02sec - Screening part of Cinema Saturday: Sat, Dec. 2nd - 3:15pm at Megu.

Gift Mokoena



Who Did I Raise?

Director - Documentary -  16min 22sec - Screening part of Opening Night: Fri, Dec. 1st - 8:15pm at UN Women HQ.

Giulia Gandini




Director - Drama - 9mins - Screening part of Opening Night: Fri, Dec. 1st - 8:05pm at UN Women HQ.

Bio: Born in Brescia (Italy) in 1994. Giulia moved to London at 19 years old to study Film
Theory at King's College. Once graduated, she decided to buy her own DSLR and produce
documentary promotional content for charities in Asia (Hong Kong and Cambodia). She is now back in the UK to pursue a career in fiction directing.

Website:  Personal + Film

Jordi Wijnalda



2017: A Press Conference

Director - 6min 55sec - Screening part of Closing Night: Sun, Dec. 3rd - 1:35pm at Megu.

Bio: In awe of everyday life, Jordi Wijnalda is a nomadic filmmaker in search of stories that simply need to be told on the biggest screen imaginable. Honing his passion for cinema in Amsterdam and New York City, he graduated in 2013 from Columbia University’s master degree in Film Directing. Besides his work for international non-profit film organizations, he is a co-founder of the internationally oriented filmmakers’ collective Blunt Cinema. He is currently gearing up for his first feature film, a mosaic story set in his native Netherlands.

Website: www.BluntCinema.com

Joy Webster




Director - Drama - 13min 55sec - Screening part of Closing Night: Sun, Dec. 3rd - 7:35pm at Landmark 57 West Theater.

Joy Webster is an emerging writer, director and editor based in Toronto. In 2015, her previous short film, In The Weeds, screened at numerous film festivals in North America,
including the Citizen Jane Film Festival in Columbia, Missouri. She is known for combining artistic composition and movement with emotional storytelling to create powerful, socially driven narratives. Joy is a recent alumni of Ryerson University's Film Studies program, and currently works as a video producer for Chatelaine Magazine, Canada's top women's magazine.

Website: Personal + Film

Julia Wall

Defying The Norms

Director - Documentary - 4min - Screening part of Closing Night: Sun, Dec. 3rd - 1:30pm at Megu.

Kaitlyn Busbee

Kaitlyn Busbee photo 2.jpg


Sexpert Franzen

Director, Producer, Editor, Adaptation to Screen - Comedy - 17min 52sec - Screening part of  Cinema Saturday: Sat, Dec. 2nd - 12:30pm at Megu.

Bio:  Kaitlyn Busbee is a freelance filmmaker and works as a video producer at the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital. She was selected as one of 50 students worldwide for the renowned Telluride Film Festival Student Symposium, where she studied with Alexander Payne, Wim Wenders, Werner Herzog, Ken Burns, Joshua Marston, Lynne Ramsay, and Tilda Swinton. New York City's 30 Under 30 Film Festival selected her as one of the next wave of gifted young filmmakers for her feature-length directing debut. In 2014 she shot her first feature-length documentary, “The Legend in My Heart,” in Guangzhou, China in partnership with the University of Iowa International Writing Program.

Website: https://mariavorhis.wixsite.com/sexpertfranzen

Lexi St. John & Liza St. John




Director, Writers, Producer, Composer - Thriller - 13min 45sec - Screening part of Cinema Saturday: Sat, Dec. 2nd - 3pm at Megu.

Bio: Lexi St. John and Liza St. John are a team of talented twins working together to create entertaining films and media projects. Leveraging the individual unique expertise of each sister, they combine their complementary skills to craft their films, taking the reins on everything from concept to release. Individually and collectively, they bring a wide variety of creative skills and talents to the table, and are on track to become the hottest new cinematic team ready to make its mark on Hollywood. 

Website: Personal + Film

Lucia Florez



Siete y Cuarto: Saor Sax

Director - Documentary - 8min 23sec - Screening part of Opening Night: Fri, Dec. 1st - 7:55pm at UN Women HQ.

Bio: Fulbright Scholar currently coursing an MFA in Documentary at New York Film
Academy. Licensed in Audiovisual Communication at Universidad de Lima.
In 2009, she started working in the Peruvian Society for Environmental Law, where she was in charge of the audiovisual production for the Project “Climate Changes, So Should You”. In the year 2013 she founded “El Taller.pe”, a socio-visual laboratory. Since then she’s been head of the audiovisual area where she has produced more de 25 pieces in the last 3 years. In 2014 she founded TierrActiva Peru, a collective movement which objective is to strengthen the
climate youth movement in Peru, as a result of the 350’s Global Power Shift in

Website: http://www.sieteycuarto.org/

Luke Slattery




Director - 9min  - Screening part of Cinema Saturday: Sat, Dec. 2nd - 1:15pm at  Megu.  

Bio: Luke Slattery is an NYC-based actor, writer, and director-- though not always in that order.
He's directed a couple music videos and Revelation is his first short film. Some favorite acting credits include: The Post (dir. Stephen Spielberg), Blame (dir. Quinn Shepard), Bull (CBS), The Family (ABC). It takes a village to raise a child and Revelation is the outcome of so many excellent minds. Your donated time and talents are responsible for this product. Much thanks.

Website: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm7584567/

Matthew K. Firpo


Director - Documentary - 20min  - Screening part of Closing Night: Sun, Dec. 3rd - 8pm at Landmark 57 West Theater 

Miguel Soliman



Desde El Principio

Director - 10min 21sec - Screening part of Closing Night: Sun, Dec. 3rd, - 7:25pm at  Landmark 57 West Theater.

Bio: Miguel J. Soliman is a director, writer and producer from Jersey City. His repertoire
includes narratives and documentaries in the US and abroad. Miguel creates stories that
challenge traditional cinematic storytelling and refresh Latin-American voices. His diverse work in film, television, stage, and commercials has been recognized nationally as well as featured worldwide. He holds a Bachelor of the Arts in Film Directing from Fairleigh Dickinson University and a Master of Professional Studies in Directing from School of Visual Arts.

Website: Personal + Film

Nour Wahid



Director - Documentary - 6min 07sec - Screening part of Opening Night: Fri, Dec. 1st - 8:30pm at UN Women HQ.

Bio: Nour El Hoda Wahid is an active member at the Fe-Male from Lebanon and the current media, audio visual and communications Officer for Save the Children Lebanon. In her role at Fe-Male, Nour covers all the videography and photos for raising awareness of Women’s Rights. She also covers all programs and develops case studies by telling the stories of children in need, amplifying their voices at Save The Children. Her work was showcased at the UNGA 2016 and was selected to screen CrossWorld at the UN Women CSW 61 and the Youth Feminism Forum in New York. 


Pulkit Datta

Wishful Whiskers

Director - Comedy - 9min 57sec - Screening part of Cinema Saturday: Sat, Dec. 2nd -  1:20pm at Megu.

Quinn Wilson

Quinn Headshot.jpg


Calvin's Story

Director - Documentary - 4min 11sec - Screening part of Cinema Saturday: Sat, Dec. 2nd - 1:30pm at Megu.

Bio: Quinn Wilson (Chicago, IL) is currently the Creative Director for the iO Comedy Network, of the famous iO Improv Theater. He leads a team pitching TV pilots, creating comedy web videos, teaching video production classes and doing branded work. Commercially, he is repped as a comedy director with Big Spoon Industries. He is a festival award-winning director focusing on comedy and social justice related work.  Wilson has a strong interest in social justice issues, global non-profit volunteer work, and using this medium transformatively to change the world, as in evident in his video work with "Echo100plus", "All Chicago", this project, and his new venture, What Matter Productions.

Website: https://whatmattersproductions.com/

Salah Anwar & Nadya Ali



Breaking Silence

Directors - Documentary - 40min  - Screening part of Opening Night: Fri, Dec. 1st - 8:55pm at UN Women HQ.

Bio: Salah Anwar was born and raised in Egypt before moving to New York City and attend film school. Salah received his B.F.A in Film in 2016 from The City College of New York. He has continuously worked to bridge the gaps in his own understanding of both Middle Eastern and American society. He hopes to constantly create thought-provoking work that speaks to the current political fervor surrounding the East and West. Nadya Ali is an aspiring documentary filmmaker. She has experience as a production and research associate for feature documentary films, as well as experience in human rights and environmenta rganizations. She is currently a doctoral student at University of Chicago.

Website: http://www.breakingsilencethefilm.com/ 

Sandra Mitrovic



Ostoja Will Move Your Piano

Director - Comedy - 15min - Screening part of Closing Night: Sun, Dec. 3rd - 12:30pm at  Megu. 

Bio: Sandra Mitrović is an award winning writer/director from Serbia. She is currently
living in New York, where she is completing her MFA in film directing at Columbia University. For 7 years she was developing and hosting a teenage show, aired on a national frequency television, aimed at young audiences in order to stimulate debate encompassing current issues. She has been involved in production of many short films since 2003 as a director, screenwriter and producer. Sandra won
Best Screenplay Award at Rhode Island International Festival, Best Foreign Short at
San Francisco International Film Festival and Jury Award for Best International
Short Film at Santa Fe International Film Festival.

Website: Personal + Film

Sebastián & Diego Benalcázar

Love To Remain

Director - Drama - 10min - Screening part of Closing Night: Sun, Dec. 3rd - 7:15pm at Landmark 57 West Theater.

Serena Dykman




Director - Drama - 17min 19sec - Screening part of Opening Night: Fri, Dec. 1st - 8:35pm at UN Women HQ. 

Bio: Serena Dykman is a New York-based filmmaker, and a graduate from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. Her films THE DOORMAN, BED BUGS & COMPANY, and WELCOME have been selected in over 80 film festivals around the world, including at the Cannes Film Festival, and Oscar-qualifying film festivals. Serena is a "third-culture kid" born in
Paris, and raised between London, Brussels, and New York. Her passion for travel has informed much of her work. Serena is the founder and president of Dyamant Pictures, a New York-based production company.

Website: https://www.welcomethemovie.com/

Thyrone Tommy


Director - Drama - 10min 21sec - Screening part of Cinema Saturday: Sat, Dec 2nd - 12:45pm at Megu.

Tiye Amenechi

Mama Said No White Babies

Director - Drama - 12min 05sec - Screening part of Closing Night: Sun, Dec. 3rd - 7pm at Landmark 57 West Theater). 

                  Zoé Salicrup-Junco



Director - Drama - 7min  53sec- Screening part of Closing Night: Sun, Dec. 3rd - 1pm at Megu.

Bio: Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Zoé Salicrup Junco is a award-winning film & commercial director and producer. A graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, Zoé has created content for Sony, ESPN, AOL, and more. Zoé has been named one of The Independent Magazine's "Top 10 Filmmakers to Watch" and her work has won top prizes like King Screenwriting Award, the Wasserman Directing Award, and the National Board of Review Student Grant. She's an HBO/DGA Directing Fellowship Finalist, a Cinefestival/Sundance Latino Screenwriters Project Fellow, and a Sundance Women’s Financing Intensive Project Fellow.  Zoé is also the co-founder of the post-production company, Beige.

Website: www.zoesj.com